Welcome to Mkhambathini Municipality

Greetings to you, the residents of Mkhambathini.

My name is Eric Ngcongo, your Mayor.

I assumed this position, determined and committed to serve the nation.

We inherited a well-managed Municipality, and I too am going to continue leading this Municipality in a manner that ensures that our aspirations are realized by delivering services to our people.

Our Municipality does not have adequate funds to deliver all the services. This means that we rely on the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) ring-fenced for projects that are carried out in our wards. Also, the levies that we collect from residents for the services we render to them are not substantial. We are therefore going to prioritise services that are regarded as most essential for the residents.

As we march into the future of this Municipality, I want to ensure you that Council works in harmony with water and electricity supply agencies to render this service - this is the legacy I want to leave behind when I leave this Municipality. We are proud that in the past, as Council, we managed to fast-track water and electricity supply and that is something we are going to ensure is sustained in the next five years.

In our engagements with residents through various structures, we find that people are in need of housing. We shall continue to engage with the Department of Human Settlements to fast-track the provision of houses. And while housing delivery is of paramount importance, we should not lose sight of the fact that availability of land remains a challenge. We are currently working on finding land that is for sale to use for building housing units that are still outstanding.

I am very grateful for the ward committees that have been established and I implore all of Council to make use of these committees for communicating with communities in respect of matters pertaining to development and anything that can assist Council to move forward. That will ensure that we work together to eliminate the need for service delivery protests, and the malicious destruction of the infrastructure that we have built will thus be prevented.

I believe in the development of this community in the years to come, working together with municipal officials, politicians, our stakeholders and you, the residents, we will be able to fulfil the promises of delivering services and infrastructure.

Let us all work together as the community of Mkhambathini.

I thank you!

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