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By Laws - Outdoor AdvertisingInvalid download ID.
By laws - Animal-PoundInvalid download ID.
By laws - Cemetery CrematoriaInvalid download ID.
By laws - Credit Control and Debt CollectionInvalid download ID.
By laws - Property EncroachmentInvalid download ID.
By laws - Fire PreventionInvalid download ID.
By laws - NuisanceInvalid download ID.
By laws - Parking GroundsInvalid download ID.
By laws - Pollution ControlInvalid download ID.
By laws - Public AmenitiesInvalid download ID.
By laws - Public Meetings and GatheringsInvalid download ID.
By laws - Public RoadsInvalid download ID.
By laws - Standing Rules and Orders of the Council and its CommitteesInvalid download ID.
By laws - Stormwater ManagementInvalid download ID.
By laws - Street TradingInvalid download ID.
By laws - TariffInvalid download ID.
By laws - Public TransportInvalid download ID.
By laws - Waste ManagementInvalid download ID.
Provincial Gazettes Gazette No 5702 Notice No 127 Gazette Western Cape Date 20010426 TextInvalid download ID.
Local-Government-Municipal-Systems-Act-No.-32-of-2000-a-Municipal-Planning-and-performace-managementInvalid download ID.
Local-Government-Municipal-Systems-Act-No.-32-of-2000-a-regulationsInvalid download ID.
Local-Government-Municipal-Systems-Act-No.-32-of-2000-aInvalid download ID.
Local-Government-Municipal-Systems-Act-No.-32-of-2000-bInvalid download ID.
Local-Government-Municipal-Systems-Act-No.-32-of-2000Invalid download ID.
Local-Government-Municipal-Systems-Amendment-Act-No.-44-of-2003-effective-1-August-2004Invalid download ID.
The White Paper on Municipal Service PartnershipsInvalid download ID.
MFMA-actInvalid download ID.
Municipal-Structures-ActInvalid download ID.
PAJA-2000-003Invalid download ID.
PAJA-compliance-reportInvalid download ID.
PDA-Promotion-of-Administrative-Justice-RegulationsInvalid download ID.
SPLUMA-Amendment-By-Law-2016-Explanatory-notesInvalid download ID.
SPLUMA-by-laws-2016-Amendment-By-Laws-1Invalid download ID.
SPLUMA-by-laws-2016-Amendment-By-Laws-Council-resolution-1Invalid download ID.
SPLUMA-by-laws-2015-Final-uMgungundlovu-By-Laws-Resolution-1Invalid download ID.
SPLUMA-by-laws-2015-Final-uMgungundlovu-By-Laws-1Invalid download ID.
By Laws - SPLUMA Amendment AdvertInvalid download ID.
By Laws - SPLUMAInvalid download ID.
By Laws - UMDM Debt CollectionInvalid download ID.
Provincial Gazette no 589 8 June 2011 By Laws -1 of 3Invalid download ID.
Provincial Gazette no 589 8 June 2011 By Laws -2 of 3Invalid download ID.
Provincial Gazette no 589 8 June 2011 By Laws -3
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By laws - RatesInvalid download ID.