About Financial Services

The Financial Services Department is responsible for the overall management of the financial affairs of the Mkhambathini Municipality and its mandate are amongst others to achieve the following:

  • Strategic rendering of financial management services to municipal departments, divisions and units.
  • The preparation of annual municipal budget, medium-term budget adjustments and implementing and maintaining a system that generates accurate information about the municipality’s financial position, financial performance and cash flows. This information is generated for use and enabling stakeholders to make sound and informed financial decisions.
  • Manages the financial affairs of the Mkhambathini Municipality to ensure that the best possible services are attained in a cost-effective manner.
  • Ensure full compliance and implementation of MFMA, Act no. 56 of 2003, DORA and other financial management prescripts per National Treasury Regulations.
  • The department is broken down into the following components/sections in order to fulfil its obligations to its internal structures and communities, other spheres of Government and organs of State as per relevant legislation:


Budget Management

Budget Preparation and monitoring

Reporting (Monthly, Quarterly and Annually)

Annual Financial Statements

Tariffs setting

Grant management


Supply Chain Management

Implementation of SCM Policy

Logistic Management

Disposal Management

Acquisition Management

Procurement Management

Suppliers Database

Demand Management

Creditors Database

Expenditure Management


Payments of creditors

VAT Compliance

Creditors Reconciliation

Revenue Management

Billing and Rates

Credit Control Debt Revenue Collection

Cash Receipts and Banking Customer Care

Asset Management

Assets acquisition

Insurance claims on assets

Asset disposal

Asset verification

Asset accounting

Financial Control and Cash Management

Cash Management Reconciliations

Annual Financial Statements

Investment Management

Management  Accounts and Financial Systems

Managements Accounts