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About Community Services

The department ensures that communities have access to services relevant to their core functions.

The core functions of the department are as follows:

  • Social Development Programmes;
  • The Youth and Sports Development;
  • Special Programmes and Operation Sukuma Sakhe;
  • Waste Management and Parks and Gardens;
  • Protection Services;
  • Public Employment Programmes;
  • Local Economic Development, Arts and Culture, and Tourism; and,
  • Disaster Management.

Vision of the Department

Ensuring community advancement through delivery of efficient and effective basic services.


Ensuring service excellence to the various communities of Mkhambathini Municipality within the seven wards through:

  • Local Economic Development
  • Protection Services including disaster management, licensing and traffic control
  • Waste management
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Youth and sports development
  • Implementation of Operation Sukuma Sakhe including the indigent support programmes
  • HIV/AIDS and health services
  • Special programmes for vulnerable groups