Local Economic Development, Arts and Culture, and Tourism

The business unit is responsible for socio-economic development of the Mkhambathini Municipal Area.  The Local Economic Development (LED) aims to allow and encourage the residents of Mkhambathini Municipality to work together towards achieving sustainable economic growth and development in order to bring about economic benefits and improve quality of life for all residents within the municipal area.

The LED business unit is intended to maximise the economic potential of the municipal localities throughout Mkhambathini area, through development of emerging SMMEs and Cooperatives, mentorship of existing businesses, including those in the agricultural and tourism space through training, support and development programmes.  The unit also has a responsibility developing and reviewing the LED strategy and identifying potential links and markets to enhance growth and development.

Furthermore, in order to improve social cohesion while developing and promoting arts and culture within Mkhambathini Municipal area the municipality the LED business unit is responsible for supporting the Traditional Authorities that have maidens’ programmes such as the virginity testing and reed dance activities.  Arts and culture festival is also implemented annually to promote the growth of traditional music and dance as well as poetry.

Manager: Local Economic Development and Tourism

Ms P.L. Ngcobo


Tel: 031-785 9336