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Technical Department

The Infrastructure and Technical Services Department aspires to be a value-adding Department in providing basic services delivery infrastructure such as (roads and community facilities), Project Management services and Electrical Services.

Our modus operandi is driven by excellence, pre-eminence in service delivery and the establishment and maintenance of efficient, effective management systems and processes that provide a caring and responsive service to meet internal and external needs in a pragmatic and flexible manner.

As a directorate, we pledge ourselves to:

  • Provide basic services through infrastructural development and create employment opportunities for all infrastructure development.
  • Embrace our responsibility as a public institution to support and contribute to national and regional development, and the welfare and upliftment of the wider community, through the provision of high quality and sound administration.
  • Manage and run our institution in conscious awareness of the environment, and foster a culture of responsible, ethical and just administrative action.
  • Conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical standards, and provide administrative practices and models that promote sound ethical practice.
  • Ensure effective governance through broad and inclusive participation, democratic representation, accountability, and transparency that serves as an example that contributes to building the democratic ethos of our country.
  • Ensure management of existing asset infrastructure through a maintenance program.
  • Promote and uphold the good image of the municipality and create a fertile ground for the municipality to deliver sound administration.
  • Actively encourage and respect the right of all stakeholders, staff, and students to engage in critical inquiry, independent research, intellectual discourse and public debate in a spirit of responsibility and accountability, in accordance with the principles and values of public administration and institutional autonomy.

In terms of an approved organogram, the Infrastructure and Technical Services department has three units, namely: Project Management, Planning & Development and Building Control.


The Project Management Unit (PMU) is a Section responsible for Planning and Project Management of all Municipal Infrastructure Developments in alignment with the Municipal IDP.

The PMU is responsible for but not limited to the administration and financial Management of MIG Funds within the municipal and national accounting system for Municipal Infrastructure Projects.

 The PMU functions entail the following;

  • Project Planning,
  • Project Identification (Feasibility),
  • Contract Administration,
  • Programme/ Project Management,
  • Updating Database MIG MIS,
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation,
  • Reporting and
  • Develop and maintain service delivery backlog data base of the Municipality.

The PMU Section is also responsible for other Internal Project that can be implemented by the Municipality through Municipal Revenue and other funds and grants outside the MIG.


Electrical Services unit is mainly responsible for the coordination and implementation of electrical capital projects as well as management of Integrated Energy Grant (INEP) from Department of Energy (DOE).

The unit also ensures that Master Electrification Plan is developed liaising with Eskom and capacity assessment of infrastructure. The unit also provide backlog verification on electrification across Mkhambathini Municipality and smooth reporting to the Department of Energy. Electrical services provide operation and maintenance of street lights and high mast lights within the Municipality.


  • Town Planning
  • Environmental Management
  • Handling & Processing of Special Consent, Rezoning & Development Applications
  • Land Use Management
  • Formal Authority Applications
  • Relaxation of Building Lines, Sides & Rear Spaces Applications
  • Spatial Development Framework


  • Plans Examination and Approval
  • Building Inspections
  • Law Enforcement
  • Demolitions and Signage