03 June 2021Annual Budget Document 2021-22Download
03 June 2021Asset Management Policy 2021-22Download
03 June 2021Borrowing policy - 2021-22Download
03 June 2021Budget Policy 2020-21Download
03 June 2021Contract Management Policy 2021-22Download
03 June 2021Cost Containment Policy 2021-22cDownload
03 June 2021Credit Control and Debt Collection policy 2021-22Download
03 June 2021Funding and Reserves Policy 2020-21Download
03 June 2021Locking CertificateDownload
03 June 2021Mkhambathini 2021-22 Budget council resolutionDownload
03 June 2021Mkhambathini FAR as at 31 April 2021Download
03 June 2021Rates Policy 2021-22Download
03 June 2021SCM PolicyDownload
03 June 2021Service standards included in the Annual Budget 2022 (003)Download
03 June 2021Tariff By-lawsDownload
03 June 2021Tariff PolicyDownload
03 June 2021Unallocated Revenue Policy 2021-22 (002)Download
03 June 2021Virement Policy 2020-21 (002)Download
06 June 2018Communication strategyInvalid download ID.
14 October 2015Roles and Responsibilities of Municipal Political Structures, Office-Bearers and Senior OfficialsInvalid download ID.
21 June 2012District-Disaster-Management-Plan-Final-draft.Invalid download ID.