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02 March 2023MLM SCM Policy 2022-23 new policyDownload
30 August 2022SCM PolicyDownload
15 October 2021Mkhambathini IE Bylaw 2021Download
15 October 2021Mkhambathini Informal Economy Policy - June 2021Download
01 July 2021BCP DOCUMENT MLMDownload
01 July 2021Corporate Governance of ICT CharterDownload
01 July 2021ICT Operating System Security Controls PolicyDownload
01 July 2021IT policies, procedures & ManualsDownload
01 July 2021IT Service level agreement PolicyDownload
01 July 2021Mkhambathini Funeral policy 2021Download
01 July 2021ICT Data Backup and Recovery PolicyDownload
01 July 2021FLEET MANAGEMENT POLICY 2021Download
01 July 2021ICT User Access Management PolicyDownload
01 July 2021Skills Development Policy 2021Download
01 July 2021Retention Policy 2021Download
01 July 2021SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICY 2021Download
01 July 2021Mkhambathini OHS policy 2021Download
01 July 2021ICT Strategy MLMDownload
01 July 2021Mkhambathini IPMS PolicyDownload
01 July 2021ICT Security Controls PolicyDownload
01 July 2021ICT CharterDownload
01 July 2021ICT DR PolicyDownload
03 June 2021Annual Budget Document 2021-22Download
03 June 2021Asset Management Policy 2021-22Download
03 June 2021Borrowing policy - 2021-22Download
03 June 2021Budget Policy 2020-21Download
03 June 2021Contract Management Policy 2021-22Download
03 June 2021Cost Containment Policy 2021-22cDownload
03 June 2021Credit Control and Debt Collection policy 2021-22Download
03 June 2021Funding and Reserves Policy 2020-21Download
03 June 2021Locking CertificateDownload
03 June 2021Mkhambathini 2021-22 Budget council resolutionDownload
03 June 2021Mkhambathini FAR as at 31 April 2021Download
03 June 2021Rates Policy 2021-22Download
03 June 2021Service standards included in the Annual Budget 2022 (003)Download
03 June 2021Tariff By-lawsDownload
03 June 2021Tariff PolicyDownload
03 June 2021Unallocated Revenue Policy 2021-22 (002)Download
03 June 2021Virement Policy 2020-21 (002)Download
06 June 2018Communication strategyInvalid download ID.
14 October 2015Roles and Responsibilities of Municipal Political Structures, Office-Bearers and Senior OfficialsInvalid download ID.
21 June 2012District-Disaster-Management-Plan-Final-draft.Invalid download ID.