Seedlings Support Programme

Camperdown is perceived to be a natural growth area between Pietermarizbug and the fast growing Hillcrest region and a number of projects are illustrating this trend. Cato Ridge, within easy access of the highway, is well placed to take the overflow from traditional commercial, industrial and residential areas, which are either reaching capacity or preclude a growing number of home seekers as a result of the residential price growth evidenced in the last few years in many nearby suburbs. Developments in Cato Ridge are taking place in the form of large commercial and industrial parks backed up by a residential component.

Agriculture is an important sector and should be actively developed. Agriculture is dominated by large-scale sugar-cane cultivation, with some agri-processing. The sugar mill in Illovo has been moved to Eston to provide a much needed manufacturing centre. Linking emerging farmers with markets and partners such as Rainbow Chickens and Illovo Sugar would be of value.