Disaster Management Unit

Mkhambathini Municipality has prioritized the provision of Disaster Management Services in line with the amended Disaster Management Act no 57 of 2002 to ensure prevention and reduction of disaster risks, mitigation of severity of disasters, preparedness for emergencies, rapid response and post-disaster recovery and rehabilitation.

Since the municipality has just recently established the Disaster Management Unit, the process of developing essential strategic disaster management documents is still underway.  The Municipality’s Disaster Management Sector Plan is still a working document as it was last reviewed and adopted by Council in 2016.  The current review has been delayed by the need to also ensure consideration of inclusion of the ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction (EcoDRR) strategy.  This is with the view that taking care of the ecosystem, such as the wetlands, forests and rivers will assist in mitigating against natural disasters.  The process is anticipated to be concluded by the end of quarter one of 2021/2022, due to the lockdown delays (not being able to conclude groundwork in time).  The sector plan will be approved by Council by 30 June 2021.

The municipality continues to proactively develop the seasonal Disaster Contingency Plans to ensure proper planning and seasonal disaster prevention.

The municipality has successfully established a Disaster Management Unit within the Community Services Department, under Protection Services.  Currently the unit has one staff member (the Disaster Management Officer) that operates within the municipality’s main premises, with nine ward-based Disaster Management Volunteers. 

Disaster Management Officer


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