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Financial Services

01 April 2021A_SCHEDULE SCOA_6.5 VER_9 01.04.2021Download
01 April 2021Asset Management Policy 2021-22Download
01 April 2021Banking and Investment PolicyDownload
01 April 2021Borrowing policy - 2021-22Download
01 April 2021Budget Policy 2020-21Download
01 April 2021Contract Management Policy 2021-22Download
01 April 2021Cost Containment Policy 2021-22cDownload
01 April 2021Council ResolutionDownload
01 April 2021Credit Control and Debt Collection policy 2021-22Download
01 April 2021Draft annual budgetDownload
01 April 2021Funding and Reserves Policy 2020-21Download
01 April 2021Rates Policy 2021-22Download
01 April 2021SCM PolicyDownload
01 April 2021Tariff By-lawsDownload
01 April 2021Tariff PolicyDownload
01 April 2021Unallocated Revenue Policy 2021-22Download
01 April 2021Virement Policy 2020-21Download

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